Monday, April 25, 2011

Constructive Feedback

I have been meaning to write, honest. I will even do something and think, "I should really blog about this". Sometimes at night I will even write out the text in my head while I'm desperately trying to sleep.

Today, however, I will blog because someone ticked me off. Someone wrote to me and let me know that the pattern they bought off Ravelry was "disappointing" and how they had to rip the whole thing out because it wasn't the shape she thought it should be.

Chibi Kitty is not square.

For a moment I got all defensive, "what do you expect for a $1 dishcloth pattern" and blah-blah-blah. But really, I was mad at myself, because I have really been meaning to go over those patterns and adjust them for the I-Likes-My-Dishcloths-Like-I-Likes-My-Sammaches crowd (you know, square). So I sent her a refund, asked if I could send her a new copy when I republish it, and thanked her for the feedback.

I don't want to be one of those half-assed designers, I want to design with my whole ass. In that spirit, I will be placing aside one morning a week for blogging and officially adding the pattern re-writes to my list of stuff to do. Eventually this will involve writing new patterns (hurray!), but I feel like I need to clear out old business before I start new business.

Speaking of new business:

I will start writing my business plan this week. Yes, I am the kind of gal that will get logo art started before the freaking business plan. Updates will be following. Mad props to Maranda at Maranda Charlene Greetings on Etsy for designing the logo.

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