Sunday, January 16, 2011

Why SafeSearch is Important

I was looking for a picture of cherries to make up my masthead while I work on my logo/next tattoo. For the love of all that is g-rated do not type "cherries" into Google image search with SafeSearch off unless you want to be surprised by testicles. Just sayin...

Chapter 1.0 - Review

Hello. My name is Becka and I'm a knitter. And a student at Long Beach City College. And one of the dwindling number of phone company minions.

I also used to be The Knitting Wounded, and if you really want to read through my messy 20's you're more than welcome. There's a lot of good information in there about my going through chemotherapy and radiation (I'm much better, thank you). I'm just opening a new chapter in my life and felt that a reinvention was in order. Thank goodness for the internets.

I am also on Ravelry, Twitter, Flickr, and all sorts of nifty places as Cherry Bomb Knits, so look me up and find out who I was and who I am trying to be.

No, you will not be tested on any of the previous material.